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Hi, I'm Marc! I'm here to show you how to make real progress in your playing without wasting time on a bunch of pointless YouTube videos.

My courses have transformed the playing of many bass players, and they will transform yours too.

Take your bass playing to the next level today with one of my premium courses:

The Bass Wizard's

Beginner's Mastery Course

A video course that guides you through every step to getting started on Bass. What are all of the notes on the fretboard? How do I create my own bass lines? Scales... What are they and how do I use them? How do I read Notation and Tabs? If you don't know the answer to these questions, then this course is for you! 

The Bass Wizard's

Slap Bass Mastery Course

A complete video course that guides you through every step to Slap Bass Mastery. The course is designed to get you playing and practicing right away with its series of technique-focused exercises that go from Basic Thumbing all the way to advanced techniques such as Double Thumbing and Open Hammer Pluck.

The Bass Wizard's

Solo Bass Mastery Course

A video course that will teach you the tools, techniques and strategies that Marc uses to create his extremely popular Solo Bass Arrangements which have become a sensation on YouTube. Not only will you learn some of Marc's arrangements note-for-note, but you'll also learn how you can create your own with your favorite songs.