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I'm Not "Talented Enough" to play like Victor Wooten

One of the lies we tell ourselves...

You might have watched videos of players like Victor Wooten or Marcus Miller on YouTube and been completely amazed by how they play.

Then you decide you want to learn how to play like they do, so you go on YouTube searching for lessons and tutorials. You end up not making progress, get frustrated and confused and decide to give up and tell yourself you're just not talented enough for this stuff.

The truth is: With the right information, guidance, knowledge and work ethic ANYONE can learn to play like all of the top pros.

How do I know?

For one, because I've taught several students in that position and took them from zero to hero in a small amount of time with just a few adjustments.

But also because learning to play this stuff did NOT come naturally for me at all.

It took me YEARS until I finally started making any progress. And the reason, as I found out many years into the struggle, was because I didn't have the right information right from the start. I spent years playing completely wrong and developing bad habits and muscle memory that were only getting me further from accomplishing my goal.

When I started playing and learning all this stuff, there was no YouTube or videos. I had nothing but a CD player, so I couldn't even SEE how these guys were doing it. I was just trying to figure it all out by ear, which is what led to my poor technique and bad habits early on.

Fast Internet and Videos have made it easier than ever for people to learn. 

But the problem is that literally ANYONE can post a video lesson or tutorial, and if they come up when you search for a lesson, you'll watch their video and learn what they're teaching you without even questioning it.

What if they are teaching you poor technique? What if they are teaching you the exact techniques that held me back from mastering this style for so many years?

To make matters worse, when you learn from YouTube there is no structure.

Which videos should you watch first? Where do you start? What do you watch next?

Not having any structure or order in your learning is like reading a book out of order. Imagine if you bought a book to learn a certain skill, and instead of reading it from the first page to the last, you just opened it on a random page. Then after reading that page, you jumped to another random page. And you kept doing this over and over again... How much would you learn from that book? Would you actually learn anything, or would it only leave you frustrated and confused?

This is what you are doing to your bass education when you only consume free YouTube content.

The next logical step is finding a private teacher in your area. But again... how do you find someone that is actually qualified to teach you? What if you live in an area that doesn't have many professional bass players?

And at $50 an hour, how many lessons are you going to need to learn all this stuff? The cost can really add up. I personally have invested hundreds of thousands into my bass education. Between all the private teachers I had growing up and my time at Berklee College of Music, I've studied with over 40 teachers and spent a lot of money and time getting all this information.

This is why my colleagues think I'm crazy for giving all this information away for such a low one-time cost.

And I'll be honest, I've thought the same thing. But after getting so many messages from people who watch my YouTube videos asking me to teach them and to show them how I play, I decided it was finally time that I packaged this information and put it out into the world so that others can also benefit from it and learn a lot faster and for a lot less money than I did.

What students are saying...

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You'll Also Get Access To The Private Facebook Community!

Connect with other bass players who have taken or are taking the Slap Bass Mastery Course.
You will be given access to peer-to-peer support, have the ability to ask questions, and join discussions about slap bass playing by automatically becoming a member of this private Facebook group.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course a DVD? No, the course is all digital and can be streamed on Desktop computers, mobile phones and iPads/Tablets

How do I access the course content? Once your payment goes through, you will receive an email with a Login and Password to access the course.

How long is the course? It's around 2 hours of video content. However, you have to practice and master each section before going to the next one, so depending on your current level of experience, it could take you a few months to get through the whole course.

How long will I have access to the course? Once you purchase the course, you will have lifetime access!

I'm mostly a guitar player. Will this be useful for me? Definitely. Slap bass is a very valuable skill to know and will make you a more versatile player. And you'll get to impress and blow away the bass player in your band! :)

I'm already really good at Slap Bass. Will this course help me? The course is designed for beginner to intermediate players. I'm sure there will be some tricks and information that improve your playing, but if you're already proficient in groove playing and advanced techniques like Double-thumbing, then probably not.