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The First Slap Bass Lesson I Teach - Thumbing Technique

In this video, I show you how you should develop your thumbing technique, which is the first Slap Bass Lesson that I teach to students who want to learn how to play slap bass. Having this kind of foundation is critical before moving on to more complex and advanced techniques.

Practice the exercise in the video until you can thumb evenly and accurately across all the different strings, making sure every string is ringing out loudly and that you're not hitting other strings you didn't mean to hit.

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The Bass Wizard's Slap Bass Mastery Course

A complete video course that guides you through every step to Slap Bass Mastery. The course is designed to get you playing and practicing right away with its series of technique-focused exercises that go from Basic Thumbing all the way to advanced techniques such as Double Thumbing and Open Hammer Pluck.

About the Author

Marc " The Bass Wizard " is a highly in-demand session and touring bassist in Los Angeles. He graduated from Berklee College of Music and has been studying the bass for over 25 years. His YouTube videos and lessons have been watched by millions around the world and he loves sharing his knowledge and experience with other aspiring bassists.

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