About - Online Bass Lessons

Hi, I'm

Marc the Bass Wizard

Berklee College of Music graduate and Los Angeles Professional Session and Touring Bassist

Thousands of people on YouTube have watched my material to learn how to master advanced bass techniques and take their playing to the next level.

My premium courses that you will find on this website have helped bass players learn how to execute complex techniques and break through plateaus in their playing


My courses are designed around getting YOU to play and practice as much, and as soon, as possible. There is no unnecessary talking or fluff just to waste time and make the course videos longer. I talk just enough to get the technique or concept across. Then it's up to you to play and practice in order to get the techniques down.

You'll notice that I don't advertise my material by how long the videos are. For example-  "Over 8 hours of video instruction". Why? Because you don't learn by just watching. It's a physical instrument, and you'll only improve by actually playing. And it simply does not take that long to get an idea across. For most of my time as a student, I only had 30 minutes of private lesson a week. The rest of the week was spent practicing 8 hours a day. Besides... who has time to watch that much video before getting right down to playing?

My courses are also structured by different topics of study. I believe that in order to really make huge progress in your playing, it's important to focus on one thing at a time. Academies that give you too much information at once and overwhelm you with different topics, classes, etc on a daily basis make it hard to know what to focus on and practice every day. If you get overwhelmed, you end up not making the most of your practice and studies.

Marc performing with different artists 

Here are some videos of Marc performing with different artists over the years including Olivia Holt, Mitchel Musso, Mark Salling, Lilian Garcia, Steve Rushton and others.